The Wars We Wage

Since the beginning of the Empire, we have fought wars against scams — CSGODiamonds, Skinhub, CSGOWild, CSGORoll, HypeDrop, and more. But now, the battle is reaching a tipping point — two days ago, HypeDrop exit scammed, robbing users of tens of millions in rewards that they will now never be able to access. It's more important, now more than ever, to fight.

The HypeDrop scam was brutal — users were encouraged to wager millions of dollars in order to farm "daily tiles," a guaranteed daily reward system that allowed users to slowly make their losses back over time.


Killian, the owner of HypeDrop, advertised this system as an investment, offering returns to everyone that wagered. The promise drove the vast majority of revenue on HypeDrop, getting users to wager hundreds of millions more than they otherwise would. Entire communities formed around HypeDrop investing — people calculated ROIs, sold accounts, and lost money on HypeDrop in order to perfectly maximize their investing return.


Killian himself has stated on multiple occassions that the HypeDrop system is designed to pay back your losses over a period of time. In addition to this, HypeDrop has submitted declarations to government institutions and gambling commissions explaining that HypeDrop is not a casino because it allows people to receive their losses back over time.

Two days ago, all of this came crashing down. It was a lie. HypeDrop disabled their daily tiles and refused to pay out rewards as promised. The whole thing was exposed for exactly what it was — a ponzi scheme.

Our team has warned about the ponzi collapsing on numerous occasions, and all of the warnings are now coming true like clockwork. This is the gambling community's biggest scam ever, and the number of victims is truly heartbreaking. But this is just chapter 1. Killian's other website, CSGORoll, has the exact same ponzi model, although it will sustain itself for a few more months as it has more gambling volume than HypeDrop. As explained in this thread on the daily case model, the model is a scam designed to fuel short-term growth and is guaranteed to collapse in the long run. This is what will happen next — CSGORoll will rug daily cases, reducing their value or refusing to pay them out. This is already happening on a short scale, with users being randomly banned every day, but a bigger move is coming similar to the HypeDrop exit scam.

The most disgusting thing of all is that CSGORoll has partnered with G2 to actively promote to young people. G2 has temporarily stopped advertising CSGORoll on their jerseys due to investigations started by the German government, but the partnership is still intact and CSGORoll is using G2's branding across their website to gain trust and legitimacy from G2 fans. G2 was paid millions of dollars for this. They are directly complicit in getting victims to lose millions of dollars to yet another scam that will face a similar fate to HypeDrop. Although we have warned about these scenarios for several months, HypeDrop collapsing makes the warnings only more poignant and the situation only more disastrous.

There is only one fair outcome for all of this. G2 must stop promoting scam casinos immediately, especially scam casinos that steal user balances and run a ponzi scheme. G2 must publicly disassociate and apologize for leading their fans into this scam. The CEO of G2 must resign for his abhorrent behavior and statements, and for using children to promote gambling to a young fanbase. If this is not done, the consequences will only get more severe, and the wheels of the law will begin to turn.

Although HypeDrop has already collapsed, and tens of thousands of people have already been scammed, we can still prevent the CSGORoll ponzi from growing too big and scamming too many people. By minimizing the damage now, we can save victims from losing even more. We implore G2 and other partners to see reason, look at what Killian did with HypeDrop, understand the reality of the CSGORoll ponzi, come to terms with the fact that Killian is unable to run a legitimate business with a legitimate business model without the introduction of ponzi schemes (for example, he was forced to shut down HypeUp as well), and do the right thing.

For those that insist on scamming — Dengi is watching, and the snail is coming.