Update on the #CSGOCaseMafia situation

We fucking did it.

The biggest devil of the CSGO gambling scene, Hellcase.com, has implemented a provably fair system for their cases.

This is a huge win -- We've now managed to pressure the three biggest CSGO case opening sites to end the rigging business;

  • Key-drop pledged to implement a provably fair system within the next couple of weeks.
  • csgo.net implemented a provably fair system a while ago.
  • Today (11/03/2021), Hellcase finally released their provably fair system.

I'm so happy about this. The future of CSGO skins is looking bright, and we may have just expanded the lifespan of CSGO skins by several years. I always thought that those rigged case sites are a ticking time-bomb, but we may be able to defuse it after all.

Hellcase's provably fair system -- What it means in practice

Now that they use transparent random generation, we can finally see the actual win chances in their cases, and we can see how bad the odds truly are. For a long time, these case opening sites have been advertising themselves as an easy way to make money, while in reality, the win chances are just terrible.

The win chances on case opening sites

I've analyzed numerous provably fair case opening sites, and most of them have a house edge of roughly 30% -- That is disgustingly high. Mathematically, this is as bad as playing coinflip with a 30% fee(!!!). I suspect Hellcase's house edge may be even bigger, but we will see that soon.

We are working on a public sheet where we will list the specific house edge of every single provably fair CSGO gambling site. Once that is out, you will see the actual house edge of Hellcase, csgo.net, and all other sites.

I could not check the house edge of Hellcase just yet -- I'm working on it. They seem to be obfuscating things intentionally, as they have hundreds of different items in each case. This makes it very tedious for the average user to analyze the house edge in a case, unless they use automatic scripts.

From Hellcase's end, I think this kind of obfuscation is very shady -- If they actually want to be transparent, they should list the average prize value in each case. It's ridiculous that for me to check the house edge of one case right now, it would take me at least 30 minutes.

My work continues

This is a massive victory. We forced the three biggest case sites to implement a provably fair system. However, my work still continues.

There are still lots of smaller non-provably fair sites out there, and I will continue to hunt them. Additionally, I'm going to start educating the community about the importance of house edge, and about the terrible odds that case opening sites give you.

Monarch, owner of csgoempire.com