Why does CSGOEmpire not have many game modes?

A lot of people seem to be quite confused about why CSGOEmpire does not have lots of different game modes. CSGOEmpire is indisputably the biggest CSGO gambling site by bet volume, yet it only has a handful of game modes. Today, I thought I would explain my thought process behind this.

We could build lots of new game modes if we wanted to, but we decided not to. CSGOEmpire is very simple, and that's done by design. I believe in art by simplicity.

Instead of building 100 different things, we prefer to build just one thing, and do it very well. We want to keep CSGOEmpire extremely simple, and that is what allows us to invest in making it very consistent and reliable.

1000 or 1? It doesn't matter.

What's the difference between crash, roulette, and coinflip?

Nothing. Ultimately, they're all the same concept, just with a different visual design. The actual function of the games is essentially the same, and this is rarely the deciding factor for players when they decide which gambling site to play on.

I think it's a silly mistake for many gambling sites to divide their community and dilute their brand by having unnecessarily many different game modes – Especially when they don't have a clear reason as to why they have each game mode. I think every single game mode should serve a clear purpose.

Sure, there are some benefits in having a little bit of variety in the games – It can be refreshing to try a different design every once in a while. But, is it worth all the effort, and all the downsides? I think not. I think we'll be just fine without having crash, and the n+1 re-skinned variations of roulette.

RollBit is actually an interesting example. Their x-roulette game mode was a solid innovation, and despite all my disagreements with them, they were pretty damn strong at the beginning. But then came the 10000 different slot games, and then I laughed. I told my team that RollBit had just committed suicide, and I was right. Look at them now.

There are some exceptions, however. As an example – Sports betting is a completely different game mode, which serves a completely different purpose than roulette. That's why we are investing heavily in our match betting system.

Another example would be Poker – That's a game of skill, which puts it into a completely different category than roulette and other games. Who knows, we might actually release poker with CSGO skins one day.

Rotating game modes and events

Despite all of this, we do have an interesting idea: We may launch rotating game modes one day.

We concluded that having lots of different game modes is a bad idea for the long term, however, in the short term they can be quite refreshing.

So, we came up with this idea: A few times per year, we could release a new game mode (or a special event) that would last for a few weeks. Once it's done, the game mode would be disabled. This could be a nice refreshment for the players every once in a while, without diluting our brand as 'the' CSGO roulette site.

No promises though – This is still just a vague idea. For the near future, we are planning to stick just to roulette and match betting. We are even thinking about removing the Coinflip mode (which could potentially come back in the future as a rotating game mode).

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